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Getter Specification



Assistance with choosing the optimum getter approach for your device taking into consideration aspects such as:

  • Gas/Vacuum integrity

  • Leak rates and outgassing of materials

  • Temperature during processing and device life

  • Gases to be removed

  • Lifetime of the device

  • Sorption speed and capacity of the getter

  • Choice of getter material

  • Activation processes and how best to optimize production using getters

  • Review of existing getter usage and process.

  • Modeling the gas load for getter specification

Training Seminars



Edryne Ltd. provides training courses on getter materials (virtual or on-site). The seminars are ideal for engineers, QA etc. to understand the available technologies and how best to maximize performance whilst efficiently matching the production process constraints.

Courses can be generic or focused, let us know your training needs for seminars tailored to your application and getter types.

Failure analysis



Is the device not performing as well as could be expected? Would the getter type and process benefit from a review to overcome performance concerns? Our network of consultants can assist with reviewing failure modes (with and without a getter) to better identify the problem and possible mitigation approaches.


Design of Experiments



Edryne Ltd. provides assistance with project management of material and getter related testing for new applications and devices. Edryne utilizes a network of certified laboratories to design and manage experiments (proof-of-principle to device qualification support). 

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