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Edryne Ltd. was established to provide a range of technical services with a specific focus on getter technology and related applications. With over 30 years of academic and getter based industrial experience we offer the technical support you need whatever your getter requirement.


A getter is a material that removes molecules from the gas phase through a chemical reaction on its active surface, or in some instances through a weaker physisorption interaction. Getters are widely used in applications requiring vacuum or pure inert gas environments and also where particular gases can become problematic to device functionality. Getters materials can be evaporable or non-evaporable (NEG), the choice of which family to use depends on the application, production process and device constraints.


Edryne can assist your business by reviewing the current getter use and processing methods potentially leading to improvements in device performance and cost reduction. Alternatively, if a new project has a getter requirement (as an enabling technology or perhaps as 'risk management' to guarantee performance) then Edryne can advise you through the many available options and help to select the optimum choice for the device and production process. For these and other scenarios Edryne is there to provide the help and technical support to assist your organization with its getter applications.

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